Can acupuncture help me?

Acupuncture can help with a variety of conditions, physical and mental.  It doesn't just help with pain.

The British Acupuncture Council have produced a series of fact sheets to show the science behind the treatments.

BAcC Fact Sheets

Does it hurt?

Acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine, sterile, disposable needles.  The ones used in my clinic are 0.22 of a millimeters or finer.  Approximately a dozen will fit inside the needle used to take blood.

The majority of people don't feel anything from the needles and find the treatment very relaxing.  A buzz or a dull ache feeling is not unusual if any any of the needles are too uncomfortable then let me know and I can move it .

How many sessions will I need?

Acupuncture acts with an accumulative effect, like medication it can take time to build up. How many sessions you will need can depend on your response to acupuncture and how long you have had your issue.

Acupuncture treatments should be seen as a course of treatments, you can't have too many sessions but you can have too few.

Can anyone have acupuncture?

Anyone can try acupuncture; children to older people.  Acupuncture is safe to have when you are pregnant but if you are in the early stages you will have to tell us even if you haven't told your family. (We don't tell anyone)

You can be a on blood thinners and still have acupuncture.