First Treatment

If you haven't had acupuncture before then the first appointment can feel a bit daunting.

When you first arrive and  sit down in the treatment room we will go through the initial paperwork, this is a tick sheet briefly covering your overall health, medications and allergies.  Then we will go into more detail about the issue you would like addressing.

You might be asked some questions about things that you don't think are relevant but these might help find the root of the problem or find what makes you, you.

After going through all your lifestyle and health issues then a note is taken of what your tongue looks like and the how your pulse feels.  This gives a picture of internal disharmonies.

You will move to the treatment couch.  Please wear loose clothing, access will be needed to your lower legs and arms.  If you are coming for a pain condition then you will need to remove clothing so that area can be accessed.

If at any point during the treatment you aren't comfortable or are cold then please say.

The needles shouldn't hurt but if any pinch then speak up, acupuncture isn't a no pain,no gain treatment.

Once all the needles are in you can relax and have a nap.

All needles stay in for at least 30 mins, after this they are removed and thrown away.

We can then make another appointment for your follow up treatment.

After the treatments you might feel a bit sleepy, this is just the body relaxing.  Between the treatments you might observe little changes that aren't linked to your original condition e.g  improved energy, digestion or mood.  Report all these back at your follow up.

Any questions after your treatment then please get in touch you don't have to wait till your follow up.